The Self-installing Regas Platform (SRP) offers a more cost effective, flexible and robust LNG regasification solution, capable of meeting increasing demand for small, mid and conventional size LNG receiving terminals. 

The SRP solution utilises robust jack-up platform technology combined with an industry proven and trusted LNG regasification system.  With the legs rooted to the seabed and the platform situated well above the waterline, the SRP is not exposed to wave loads and motions as is common with traditional LNG regasification barges and FSRU’s. This ensures optimum regasification and gas delivery regularity. 

The SRP also provides additional flexibility as the SRP deck is scalable, offering larger deck space normally available in a traditional FSRU conversion. 

When coupled with the JFT and FSU, this unique proprietary technology enables a fully Jettyless LNG terminal solution that provides unmatched advantages and cost benefits compared to other traditional LNG terminal solutions. 

One of the key advantages with the proposed SRP + FSU + JFT solution compared to a traditional FSRU is that all LNG regasification equipment and associated facilities can be installed onboard a newbuild SRP unit instead of converting a LNG carrier to an FSRU, making it possible to use an existing LNG carrier as the FSU, avoiding high and schedule-intensive conversion costs. 

The SRP, JFT and FSU mooring system may therefore be re-used, with a typical lifetime of 25 to 30 years.