At Stena we believe Gas should always travel first class. 

Stena Power & LNG Solutions' Jettyless LNG to Power Technology embraces that ethos, facilitating safe and reliable import / export LNG Transfer as well as Regasification and Power delivery. 

Our patented technology and solutions have been created to ensure our clients achieve operational and commercial advantage with increased safety. 

Our expertise in LNG technology is comprehensive and with the strength of the wider Stena Group behind us, we are uniquely able to leverage further commercial and operational LNG experience to the benefit of our clients. 

We are passionate about sustainability, and through our Jettyless solutions we offer clients the opportunity to ensure a reduced environmental footprint in comparison to traditional fixed infrastructure.

As a proud subsidiary of Stena, one of the world's leading shipping conglomerates, we are guided every day by our shared principles of care, innovation and performance.