Our solutions offer operational and commercial advantage with optimum safety. 

The Jettyless LNG to Power Technology facilitates safe and reliable import / export LNG transfer.  Our relocatable terminals offer flexible, cost-efficient solutions without the requirement for expensive permanent jetty infrastructure. In comparison with traditional LNG Transfer / Regasification / Power technology, each solution provides reduced capital and operational expenditure, reduced scheduling and minimum environmental impact.

The Jettyless Floating Terminal (JFT) semi-submersible structure is used for transfer of LNG for both onshore LNG terminals and floating terminals (FSU or FSRU). The unit contains all required equipment, systems and safety features onboard and is self-propelled by use of the patented Chain Crawling System (CSS). 

No tugs are required to move the unit to or from the LNG carrier. 

When the JFT is combined with the Self-installing Regas Platform (SRP), and an FSU, a fully Jettyless terminal solution is provided, offering unmatched advantages compared to standard LNG terminal solutions and expensive FSRU conversions. 

Offshore power generation can be provided by our adaptable Self-installing Power Platform (SPP). 

Our Integrated Power Barge (IPB) incorporates LNG receiving, storage, regasification and LNG and gas distribution coupled with competitive and flexible power generation. 

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