Our highly-efficient Integrated Power Barge (IPB) and Self-installing Power Platform (SPP) solutions offers safe and cost-effective offshore power generation, meeting a variety of market requirements. 

Integrated Power Barge

The Integrated Power Barge (IPB) incorporates LNG receiving, storage, regasification and LNG and gas distribution, coupled with competitive and flexible power generation. The relocatable solution offers integrated LNG terminal functions and is suitable for small scale LNG logistics. The IPB can cater for power generation requirement from 100MW with mid-merit and load-following up to larger baseload demand. The critical mass of the power generation enables the utilisation of natural gas in the form of LNG in locations where such is not readily available. The prime use of the solution's power generation capacity is to open up local markets for the wider distribution and utilisation of LNG and natural gas, making such economically and practically viable and reducing costs and emissions. The IPB is compatible with storage expansion (FSU) and adjacent regas expansion, enabling incremental modular development, in-line with Stena’s building block philosophy.
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Self-Installing Power Platform

In comparison to conventional land-based equivalent power plants, the Self-Installing Power Platform SPP offers mobility, minimised capital expenditure, as well as short construction lead times. Providing temporary or permanent power to remote areas, shoreline industrial hubs, the SPP platform is situated well above the waterline, unexposed to wave loads and motions. The solution is adaptable depending on the required power. A typical SPP may have a power generation capacity of 300-600 MW utilising highly efficient combined cycle gas turbines. Smaller power platforms can also be provided.
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Carbon Capture Solution

Stena Power and LNG Solutions offers a carbon capture solution in combination with power generation. Attached to either the Self-installing Power Platform or Integrated Power Barge, the Carbon Capture and Storage injection unit (CCS) solution compresses CO2 to liquid form for either nearby direct injection or further transportation via pipeline or vessels.

The proprietary solutions can be based on LNG or pipeline gas and deliver compressed CO2 to ships, optimizing CO2 transportation cost. Combinations with Stena's EFM mooring and other patented solutions may be applied depending on location and project requirements.

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