Our power solutions

22nd Nov 2021

Thomas Blystad, Commercial Manager, (Floating Power) gives an insight into the power solutions available from Stena Power & LNG Solutions.

Tell us about your offshore power generation solutions.

We at Stena Power and LNG Solutions are very proud to offer two marine based power solutions, the Integrated Power Barge and the Self-installing Power Platform. Between them they offer a range of power generation capacity from 35MW to 600MW. 
Both solutions offer mobility, adaptability, minimised capital expenditure and relatively short construction lead times, which we feel is an attractive proposition. The principal energy source is LNG and / or Natural Gas, delivered by LNG carriers, however our engineered systems in each solution can be adapted should a different energy source be required. This flexibility is created by incorporating a plug-and-play flange solution from the outset of the designs, also allowing for a mix of fuel sources. 
The technology on each is underpinned by established and trusted LNG and power generation methods and OEM’s, while also complemented by Stena’s highly reputed design, construction supervision and operational experience.

Who are these solutions aimed at?

Such is the adaptability and range of our power generation units, they will be highly effective in a range of settings, however we are receiving most interest in markets where an increase in power production is required, such as areas with no or less mature power infrastructure and / or rapidly expanding populations. Also, the flexibility of our designs make them attractive for displacing of coal and diesel fuelled power generation units.  
The optimum location for the IPB would be in more sheltered offshore settings or in ports, whereas the SPP can be deployed further offshore.
The solutions can be valuable assets in locations where there is an expanding presence of renewable power generation from wind or solar as they can be deployed to ensure consistent, supplementary power generation. This is important when grid balancing is required. 

Why use a jettyless or floating solution for power generation?
The most obvious reasons are cost efficiencies, adaptability, and flexibility. With the SPP you do not have to incur the same capital expenditure or time required to build extensive shore based infrastructure.  For the SPP one avoids fixed breakwater, jetty infrastructure and possibly dredging to accommodate the LNG carriers supplying the fuel.  For the IPB the single asset contains all the required equipment from the incoming LNG flange to the outgoing power lines, simplifying the commercial aspects of an LNG to Power installation.  The assets are flexible and adaptable, meaning they can be moved to new locations with relative ease and - as I mentioned previously - their respective engineered systems can be adapted to accommodate alternative future energy sources, such as hydrogen or other possible hydrogen carrier fuels such as ammonia, for example. 
It is also worth noting that our solutions are built in controlled shipyard environments where there is a better control of safety and quality.

The IPB is your own solution which was recently acquired by Stena. Tell us the benefits of joining Stena.

Yes, that is right. My business partner Robert Løseth (now SP&LNG Engineering Manager) and I have been in the sector for many decades and we joined Stena earlier this year as we saw this as the perfect environment to deliver the IPB and ensure it meets its full potential. Stena have built a worldwide reputation for quality and care in their diverse service provision and since we have joined it has become very evident that there is a phenomenal range of engineering and commercial knowledge here. As a Stena solution, the IPB is being offered to market with a very high degree of competence and commercial understanding behind it, providing confidence to our clients that they are buying or leasing a power generation solution that will meet their specific requirements. Stena has a mature, yet always evolving service offering across the maritime value chain, and the associated experience and knowledge is extremely valuable to us and our clients. 

Stena Power and LNG Solutions have a range of solutions predominately focused on LNG. What else are you working on?
My personal view is Stena’s success over the decades has been built through innovation and agility and that has never been more apparent than today. Within the group we are working at the vanguard of new technology with a focus on sustainability and the constantly changing commercial demands of our clients. At Stena Power and LNG Solutions we are delivering not only cost efficient, safe, and reliable technology, we are also always exploring ways we can further adapt our solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow. Sorry, that sounds like a cliché, but it is very true!


Pic: Upper: IPB, Lower: SPP