FEED Agreement between Stena and Delta Offshore Energy for Vietnam Energy Infrastructure project announced.

18th May 2021

Stena Power & LNG Solutions today announced it has been awarded a contract by Delta Offshore Energy (DOE) to provide front-end engineering design (FEED) for usage of Stena’s jettyless LNG transfer and regasification solutions.

DOE will employ Stena’s Jettyless Floating Terminal (JFT) and Self-installing Regas Platform (SRP) to assist in providing energy to the 3200MW power plant project to be located at Bac Lieu province in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

A Technology License Agreement was previously reached in August 2020 for DOE to utilize Stena’s proprietary jettyless technology.

Svein Hellesmark, Chief Technology Officer, Stena Power & LNG Solutions, said: “The FEED agreement is a pivotal milestone in our service provision to Delta Offshore Energy for this important, large-scale energy infrastructure project in Vietnam.

“Our Jettyless LNG to Power technology has been created to meet demand for more flexible LNG import and export terminals, such as is required for the hugely exciting Bac Lieu LNG to Power Project.

“At Stena we offer innovative, integrated solutions across the LNG value chain. Our wide-ranging activity in the sector also includes new-building project support, ship management and marine engineering, all underpinned by our ethos that gas should always travel first class.”

Bobby Quintos, Managing Director of Delta Offshore Energy added: “The Jettyless Floating Terminal and the Self-Installing Regas Platform are key components of our LNG-to-power solution for Bac Lieu. They allow us to position the LNG receiving terminal offshore, and thereby to minimize the project’s impact on land and on the coastline of Bac Lieu. This is a benefit of great value to the province because the coast sustains shrimp farms, mangroves and salt beds, all of which are important to the regional economy and environment.  Our ethos at Delta is to provide power for progress, and the JFT and SRP will help us do so in an efficient and economical manner.”

The JFT and SRP will be located approximately 40km off the Vietnam shoreline. The FEED will include detailed model testing to ensure optimum performance with the environmental conditions in the Mekong Delta.



Notes to Editor:

Jettyless Floating Terminal

The Jettyless Floating Terminal (JFT) meets the industry’s demand for lower cost and more flexible LNG import and export transfer solutions. The JFT unit contains all the required equipment, systems and safety features normally installed on a jetty. It can be adapted for all LNG carriers from small distribution / bunker vessels to the largest existing LNG carriers. Designed to cope with wave conditions, the semi-submersible unit ensures high operational regularity, and requires low operational expenditure as no propulsion, additional large machinery or manpower between loading operations is required.


Self-installing Regas Platform

The Self-installing Regas Platform (SRP) offers a cost effective, flexible and robust LNG regasification solution, capable of meeting increasing demand for small, mid and conventional size LNG receiving terminals. The SRP solution utilizes robust jack-up platform technology combined with an industry proven and trusted LNG regasification system.  With the legs rooted to the seabed and the platform situated well above the waterline, the SRP is not exposed to wave loads and motions as is common with traditional LNG regasification barges and FSRU’s. This ensures optimum regasification and gas delivery regularity. 


About Stena Sphere

Stena is one of the largest family-owned business groups in Sweden and operates worldwide within different businesses such as Ferry Operations, Offshore Drilling, Shipping, Property, Finance, New Businesses and Recycling. Head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden. www.stena.com  


About Stena Power & LNG Solutions AS

Stena Power & LNG Solutions AS is a Stena subsidiary located within Stena’s Ship Management and Marine Services entity: Northern Marine Group. Stena Power & LNG Solutions is the owner of innovative Jetty-Less LNG to power solutions including the Jettyless Floating Terminal (JFT), the Self-installing Regas Platform (SRP) and the Self-installing Power Plant (SPP). The solutions are particularly suited for the emerging LNG to power market where there may be limited or no existing infrastructure in place. The Jettyless technology is enabling the possibilities to import LNG and provide power to new markets without the need for any fixed infrastructure (no jetty - no breakwater). The floating solutions are ideal for flexible financing and lease offerings. The entire facilities may also be relocated if the demand or other local conditions should change over time. The Jettyless technology is covered under a US Patent granted by the United States Patent Authorities in 2018. https://StenaPowerLNG.com     https://nmg-stena.com


About Delta Offshore Energy

Delta Offshore Energy PTE LTD (“DOE”) is a Singapore registered company focused on project origination and development in clean energy. DOE is the owner of the 3.2 GW Bac Lieu LNG-to-power project (“the Project”) which was included in Vietnam’s national Power Development Plan 7 revised (“PDP7R”). DOE received the Investment Policy Decision and the Investment Registration Certificate to be the exclusive owner of the Project which is the largest Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam in 2020. The project is also the first coal-to-gas conversion in Vietnam, the first integrated LNG-to-power project in Vietnam, Vietnam’s first approved 100% foreign IPP in thermal power plant as well as the country’s first floating LNG terminal.


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